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Virtual discovery is not enough for you? Visit the historical museums and architectural highlights of the city. Please note that museums may be closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

World Heritage Info Point

Chilehaus C, Pumpen 6, 20095 Hamburg

Mon ‒ Thu: closed
Fri: 12 a.m. ‒ 6 p.m.
Sat + Sun: 10 a.m. ‒ 6 p.m.


Am Sandtorkai 36, 20457 Hamburg

Fri ‒ Sun: 10 a.m. ‒ 8 p.m.
Holidays: 10 a.m. ‒ 6 p.m.

Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte Eingang

Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte

Holstenwall 24, 20355 Hamburg

Mon: 10 a.m. ‒ 5 p.m.
Tue: closed
Wed ‒ Fri: 10 a.m. ‒ 5 p.m.
Sat + Sun: 10 a.m. ‒ 6 p.m.

Tunnel-Bohrer Museum der Arbeit

Museum der Arbeit

Wiesendamm 3, 22305 Hamburg

Mon: 10 a.m. ‒ 9 p.m.
Tue: closed
Wed ‒ Fri: 10 a.m. ‒ 5 p.m.
Sat + Sun: 10 a.m. ‒ 6 p.m.

Altonaer Museum Eingang

Altonaer Museum

Museumstraße 23, 22765 Hamburg

Mon: 10 a.m. ‒ 5 p.m.
Tue: closed
Wed ‒ Fri: 10 a.m. ‒ 5 p.m.
Sat + Sun: 10 a.m. ‒ 6 p.m.

Hafenmuseum Hamburg

Australiastraße 50A, 20457 Hamburg

Mon: 11 a.m. ‒ 6 p.m.
Tue: closed
Wed ‒ Sun: 11 a.m. ‒ 6 p.m.

The Wadden Sea Visitor Centres

Always worth a visit are the more than 60 visitor facilities in the Wadden Sea region. They offer insights into the ecological system behind mudflats, salt marshes and dunes, as well as into the animal and plant world.

National Park Information Centres at the Wadden Sea in Lower Saxony

In the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park, the 18 National Park houses and Wadden Sea visitor centres create an informative and entertaining access to the nature of the Wadden Sea for everyone.

National Park House Neuwerk

Insel Neuwerk 6, 27499 Hamburg-Insel Neuwerk

The opening hours, like all life on the island, depend on the tides.

Understanding World Heritage

Current Exhibitions

Here we present you a selection of exhibitions worth seeing, which are open for you.


25 Years Speicherstadtmuseum

The Speicherstadtmuseum looks back on a quarter of a century, but the planned anniversary celebration is unfortunately cancelled due to the Corona Pandemic.

The anniversary celebration, which was planned for Saturday, 6 June 2020, had to be cancelled due to the Corona pandemic. It was to be a big event with official speakers, many guests of honour and old friends of the house as well as live acts with music. Now Henning Rademacher, the museum operator, can only toast his long-standing comrades-in-arms in the closest circle – of course at a distance of 1.5 metres.
The Speicherstadtmuseum emerged from the exhibition “Speicherstadt – Building Monument and Working Place for 100 Years”, which the Museum der Arbeit had shown with great success in 1988 and 1989 on two storage floors of the company Eichholtz & Cons. at St. Annenufer. After that the exhibition was only accessible to registered visitors. However, as interest remained lively, Henning Rademacher, a former volunteer at the Museum der Arbeit, came forward with the proposal to take over the exhibition and make it generally accessible as the Speicherstadtmuseum. Since the cultural authority also approved the unusual experiment, the Museum der Arbeit was given a purely privately run branch location.
From 1995 until the lockdown in March 2020, the Speicherstadtmuseum attracted a total of 1,323,600 visitors. In 2001 the mark of 50.000 visitors was exceeded. Since then the average annual visitor frequency has been 58,000 – a proud figure for a purely privately financed house.
This is an authentic representation of how the quartermasters used to store, sample and refine imported goods. © ELBE&FLUT / Thomas Hampel
Das Museum bietet Entdeckertouren für Kinder an. © ELBE&FLUT / Thomas Hampel
Owner Henning Rademacher has put a lot of heart and soul into his museum. © ELBE&FLUT / Thomas Hampel

13,000 to 14,000 visitors per year are allotted to the museum and Speicherstadt tours alone.The family tours “Speicherstadt – the discovery tour for children” are particularly popular. Inquiries are now also coming in from Austria and Switzerland.

Further regular events of the Speicherstadtmuseum are the coffee and tea tastings as well as the detective story readings.The Long Crime Nights are particularly popular, where several authors read under a common motto. What is sorely missed, however, is the opportunity to show special exhibitions. Since moving to the current premises at Sandtorkai in 2011, no more space has been available for this purpose.

Henning Rademacher currently looks to the future of his museum with mixed feelings. Even after the official end of the lockdown, it is still not possible to think of regular museum operations. So far, relatively few visitors stray into the Speicherstadt, and events and guided tours are very limited or not possible at all until the end of June. On the horizon, however, a strip of light also appears. In 2022, the Speicherstadt Museum is to be merged with the World Heritage Information Centre, which will also put the building on a different economic and institutional footing. Then the Corona pandemic will hopefully be history – and the thick folder with the cancellations of the last months will find its place in the museum archive.
A Piece of Contemporary History

25 Years Speicherstadtmuseum

Henning Rademacher and Dr Ralf Lange in an interview on the occasion of the museum's 25th anniversary.

Virtual Guided Tour

A Tour of the Speicherstadtmuseum

On the occasion of this anniversary, art historian and curator Dr. Ralf Lange will personally guide you through the exhibition in the historic warehouse.

Many other interesting cultural attractions worth a visit can be found in unusual numbers and with a multifaceted variety of themes in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and in the immediate vicinity. Visit the KulturQuartier!

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